Automotive News Seven Simple Auto Care Tips

How well do you love your auto? If you answer yes to this‚ then it follows that you know your car so much that you are familiar more or less‚ about auto care tips. Because many of us treat and think that automobiles are something we can just replace anytime we want to‚ little did we know that we can save a lot and become really wiser if we know how to take good care of our cars?
Many of us, in order to avoid all the hassle, just replace their entire car and purchase another one because they do not really know how to take good care of it. They know very little about auto care tips while in fact, these are very simple things.
As previously discussed‚ caring for your car is very simple. It all starts with one word – Maintenance.
This certainly reflects how good you are as an owner or what we call ownership. If you have your car for a long time‚ performing as good as before‚ and still reliable as the first time you purchased it‚ then you are indeed a good owner of our car. It is because you were able to maintain your car by being able to look after it not only externally but internally as well. Maintenance is absolutely taking good care not only of the external parts but more importantly‚ the internal parts as these determine the performance of your car. Below are seven simple auto care tips that apply to anyone regardless of age‚ sex‚ interest‚ socio–economic status and any other factor:
  • Accessories and Appearance Check
    • You must have a regular check–up of your tools for instance‚ once you got a flat tire while driving. Hence‚ it is a must that you always check your mechanical tools and basic tools so you can manage to survive once you get caught in trouble. Please ensure that you check your rear view mirror from time to time as these things are easily being moved or bumped out of it’s correct position.
  • 3W Check (Water‚ Wheels‚ and Warm–up)
    • Just remember the three W’s which stand for water check‚ wheels check‚ and warm–up check. Since our temperature keeps on rising‚ you should always be alert to check the water level in your car radiator. Another thing is to check your wheels all the time. You will never know what is on the road but you can always know when you are about to have a flat tire by regularly checking on it. Lastly is the warm–up check. By having this‚ you get yourself out of trouble remarkably.
  • Air Check
    • In relation to a flat tire‚ air check must be done from time to time as this will not only prevent you from the trouble of changing your tire but also‚ makes you’re driving smoothly and hassle–free.
  • Lights and Leaks
    • It is very important to check and make sure that lights are functioning‚ clean at the same time working. Different kinds of lights like parking lights‚ brake lights‚ emergency flashers‚ signal lights‚ fog lights‚ and hazard lights‚ among others must be replaced if they are not functioning. Leaks on the other hand play a vital role in order to keep the auto moving especially if it is fuel or oil that is leaking.
  • Battery (fluids) and Breaks (folds) check
    • Explosive gasses can be produced if the battery is not handled with extra care and caution. You are not allowed to smoke‚ produce any kind of spark or light a match near the battery. Breaks play a vital role in an auto especially the folds inside it. Break pads must be changed and checked in front and rear areas for it can produce accident is one neglect it. Break fluids must be monitored from time to time but do not overfill.
  • Oil Check
    • Oil plays a very important part for it can cause the auto to deteriorate. The engine must maintain the right and proper kind of oil.
Wiper‚ Washer‚ and Shock Absorbers

Wiper blades are very important especially at night and when it is raining‚ one must be aware of their ability to clean the windshield. Windshield washer fluid reservoir must be full and must be used as an aid to clean the wiper blades. Shock absorbers must be replaced in pairs at the same time must be checked and tested for it will affect the auto’s performance and comfort for the passengers.

Cars are part of our daily lives; it is a reflection of who we are as a person‚ and as a car owner. Having knowledge at the same time practicing the simple car care tips will definitely help us in our journey through life.

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